Niclas Jorvid


Sole is the results of a first year assignment where we had ten weeks to develop a space shooter from a concept we had done earlier in another course. The game take place where the protagonist's brother has been in an accident and in result is now in a deep coma. The sister gets the oppurtunity to enter her brothers mind through new medical technology, there she takes the form of the light and has to fight through the nightmares the brother is having.


Among things I got to do on the project were creating art for the enemies, level art and the final boss.



Emma Matson: Lead Art and 2D Artist

Niclas Jorvid: 2D Artist

Gustaf Nerstöm: 2D Artist and Audio

Jens Berglind: Producer and Programmer

Agnes Aspgren: Programmer


Download the Game


The game uses Visual Studio and XNA which are needed to run the game.


Visual Studio



Graphical Impulse